6 comments on “Updates, and a video featuring music by me!

  1. Will you put the Santachrist song in your little music player at the side? Anyone intending to form a new religion based around the (much more awesome than jesus) Santachrist, could really do with that song to play in thier holy buildings. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Somebody posted the NC review on YouTube. You could go to part 3, and then skip the video to the credits (the Special Thanks To part), then record that part's audio, and edit it a little bit to make it full length (so that you could sing the whole song).

  3. That was a nice track you did with the “Santa Christ”. If it wasn't just so delightfully blasphemious I would nominate it for the Oscar Awards.

    Great work Mike and the guys at TGWTG.com!

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