4 comments on “Skitch’s Q&A #2

  1. Hey Skitch, What's your favourite Movie of all time. Also, what's your favourite Movie Score that you come back to?

    Se ya at the Lordkat Board!

  2. OK, meant to ask this awhile ago. Judging from your song Shifting Reflections (Which I love by the way) you know about writing music for a solitary instrument. Any advice/strategies for writing music meant for one instrument? I'm interested in working on pieces like this for guitar or piano, but I was wondering if there is any difference/larger challenge, or if I was having more trouble then I should have.

  3. Hey Skitch

    1.What's your favourite MP3 player for you? an ipod, Creative Zen or and other player?


    2. What's your favourite audio format to listen to… FLAC, mp3 or Wav etc.?

    Se ya at the Lordkat Board.

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